Coffee time Monday edition

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Yes I know its Monday and coffee time is usually on Sunday, but yesterday was a busy day for me, I had a lot of chores Ive been putting off and decided since I was home I should do them. I figure I would find time in the day to do this but I didn’t. Sorry is all I can say, but as you all know life happens. So how was everyone’s weekend. I hope you at least found some time to craft. I did complete one project on Saturday.I will share that with you tomorrow. So lets review the past week shall we. So as you know my blog was all over the place, I did project in which I had to share my hauls,I did hauls and projects not in any kind of order, I just shared. Last week project that I shared were my candle holders and washi storage box.All of them came out super nice and I will be doing more projects like this. I hope to be able to fine different size boxes so I can organize my planner stickers.I also want to take the candle ideal and make a candy holder,or even use it to make a cute flower vase. The possibilities are endless. I also shared a Dollar Tree, Michaels and Target haul with you. Some of the items were mainly to add to my stash. Otherwise my sharing week was really bad.Hopefully I can get my life together and get myself back on track. So this was my week in review, I hope you didn’t find it too boring. I will be back with my week in preview so please return.

And as always

Keep crafting.

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