Getting my craft on

Hi, welcome back to my blog. How is everyone doing. I hope your week so far has been crafty. Today I come to you with a craft for the sewing people out there. All the sewing people out wave your hands in the air and wave them like you just dont care.Ok ok I am coming back. So before I went off the rails, so to say, I have a craft I didn’t realize I needed until I decided I wanted to sew more neatly. I will also have a bonus at the end. So the item that I made is a mini ironing board. I have a mini craft iron that I usually just put on a tray with a towel and iron little projects that I dont want to be hassling with a big iron and board.This little iron is good for little projects such as sewing open seams and just ironing small pieces of fabrics.

So I decide to make something that would compliment this little iron, a portable ironing board.The items you need as shown is a piece of cotton fabric of your choice, a dish drying mat,(You can also use an old towel) and a block of wood. (Sorry I forgot the measurements of the wood). The first thing I did was to open the fabric and make sure there was enough room for the dry mat to fit.You can’t tell but the drying mat is under the piece of fabric,because I need to know if there was enough fabric to cover the mat. The main purpose of the mat is to have a cushion to iron on. The next step is to add the piece of wood and make sure its tight enough.Once I made sure everything fit, I staple all the pieces to the back of the wood.Once everything is stapled together I did one more check to make sure it was tight.And here what the finished project look like . It is functional and portable. The best thing is you can use it next to your sewing machine and never have to leave your sewing area to iron down seams.

*****Bonus Alert*******

Here is a bonus for all of you Cricut Maker owners who also owns a sewing machine.Its the Cricut sewing tool kit. Not necessarily needed for either your Cricut Maker or sewing machine, but since I brought the Cricut craft tool kit for my Cricut Explorer, why shouldn’t have a dedicated tool kit for the/cricut Maker. The best part of this purchase is it was half the price as it is at Micheals and I got it from Amazon.I can’t wait to sit down and use all my new sewing aides and as you know i will always share.

So as always,

Keep crafting.

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