Its not a Saturday Haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As you can tell from my title, you probably know what this blog is. How back what is a shopping haul for 200 Alex. Yes that would be correct. So I have a small haul for you today because it will be used in hopefully one of many crafts for the reminder of the week and just some add on item. So let get to it. I brought these mini crates from Michaels. I was standing at the counter today and they were just talking to me. They said something like I can be used for a decor/organizing element. I looked at them and said really and they said yes take us home and we will give you ideas. So I brought them home. No I’m not crazy, but any time I see something that looks interesting, my mind make me think. I do have an idea for them but you just have to see.

Before I move on. Please excuse the tray I was doing a craft and I damaged the paper. Let this be a lesson to all you crafters out there. Protect your work surface always. So the next items I picked up from Target. I want to pick out fun colors to use with the above crates,but that you will have to wait to see what I do with them.The next item is some ink joy gel pens. I love the way these pens write and now they make them with caps. Just something new to try.The final item is just a couple of blade refills for my paper cutter. Nothing big, just wanted to share.I think I’ve covered my haul. It was just a couple of items I need for a new project. So I will leave you till tomorrow, soooooo

Keep Crafting.

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