How I organize my fabrics

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I decided to do a quick blog on how I’m trying to organize my fabrics. This is just to give you an idea on how I will be organizing my fabrics. I have all types of fabrics, I have felt, foam,vinyl,plastic, interfacing and stabilizers. I decided to use ziplock bags to sort my fabrics.The only mistake I made using this idea was I picked up the wrong size bags, or maybe it was just I had more fabric than I realize I had.As shown I separated my fabric items and placed different bags. I put foam, interfacing and stabilizer in one bag, vinyl and plastic pieces in another bag. I put all my fabric pieces that fit in one bag and all the felt in another. I wanted to organize my fabrics so when I want to sew, all I have to do pick a bag of fabric and sew. In the future ,I will show you how I reorganize my fabrics in larger bags. Some times the Dollar Tree carry large storage bags. If I find them I will share that with you and I will also show you how I redo my fabric.So I will bring this blog to an end until next time, and as always,

Keep Crafting

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