This is how we do it

Hey how is everyone. Thank you for returning to my blog.I have good news to share but you have to come back tomorrow if you wish to know. Today I have a project to share. In a haul I shared these wooden mini crates.I saw these crates and like a crafter had to come up with an idea to use these.So I came up with a great project. I took these crates and painted them with some paints I picked up at Target.After I painted them, i used some wood glue to attached them. After glueing them together,I come up with another idea and I purchase four more. I once again I painted them and attached them.(I didn’t take pictures of that process). When the project was done this is what i came up with.I made a display case. I will be hanging it up on the wall, and putting some of my small trinkets on it. Here is just an ideal of what you can use it for.It can also be used to display craft supplies as well as paints. The possibility is unless.

So I hope you will come back tomorrow ,but until then

Keep Crafting

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