I’m back…….Its been awhile.

Hi and thank you for sticking around my blog. And for those who didn’t SHAME ON YOU.LOL. So what’s been going on in my absent. So before I get started let me explain the reason why Ive been AWOL.The reason I’ve been away is because I relocated. Yes I moved from New York to Florida. There was so much to do I didn’t have time to craft. And where as I knew I wanted to move to Florida since February, the move happened so fast. There was so much planning to do and packing to do that I still have a whole lot of stuff I need to pick up from New York in a future date. So now I’m some what settled, its only been 3 weeks,UGH I took some time to do some crafting and start a project for my solarium wall. So the first project I want to share with you is the picture I’m working on. As you know some time ago I purchase the diamond dots picture and I was planning to work on it as soon as I got home with it but life happened and I didn’t have the time to work on it. So last night I was sitting at the table and I decided to work on it.This is all the components that came with this picture. It came with the canvas where you put the diamond on, a stylus and wax to pick up the diamonds and a tray to hold the diamonds you are working with. I worked on this picture about three hours last night and this is what it look like when I went to bed.I dont know if you can actually get a close up picture, but you can notice where the diamonds are compare to where there isn’t any diamonds. I worked on it more this morning and this is how far its gotten.When you look at it, it almost looks like cross stitch. I will share with you as soon as I finish as well as the space I placed it.

The project that I worked on last week was a couple of pillows for my Pebbles. If you dont know Pebbles she is my dog. Yet she dont know she is a dog and no one wants to tell her. While we are in the living area, she need somewhere to lay so she dont have to lay directly on the carpet. So me and my roommates which consist of my daughter and her good friend when to a discount Disney cast member shop. There along with chair we picked up an item that Disney use to put at the bottom on the bed , I guess in case people sit on the bed they sit on this instead of the blanket. I’m drawing a blank what they are called ,sorryIt covers the bottom of a full size bed. So what I did was cut it in have and then sew the half in half to make a pillow.Sorry I dont have pictures of the total process and what it looked like completed, but I can show you who loved it.As soon as I finished it and placed it on the floor she went to it and laid down. Excuse the mess behind her that another project that I will share in a future date. I also made her a pillow for the bed. Thats the pillow I made for the bed where I sleep and she sleep.So to keep her from sleeping on my pillow she now has her own.

So I hope you are still sticking around because I’m back and I will share with you my new craft area setup. So as always

Keep crafting.

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