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Hi, welcome back to my blog from hot and sunny(for now) Florida.Thank you once again for sticking around waiting for me to blog once again.So today I’m back with a project that I started last Tuesday. Remember my Diamond Dots baby tiger. This is what it looks like when I started. So if you remember Diamond Dots are pictures on canvas where there are little diamonds that you place on this canvas to add sparkle to the picture. Far away it looks like cross stitch, and maybe we can call it cross stitch with a twist. So above is what my picture looked like before I started it.Every morning before I had to get ready for work, I would spend a least one to two hours on it. It was so addictive , that on the last day my daughter whom wanted to try it ended up putting the finishing and missing gems on it. So here is my finished picture.So the thoughts on this project. I found it to be something to do to relax. Its very time consuming, but it you have free time I highly recommend it. Another thing you should know is this is the smaller one and there is one bigger than this one. The measurement for the picture itself is 11by14. I dont know the measurement for the larger one. This one is pricey at $17.99 and I used a 50% off coupon which still cost me around $9. These items are available at Micheals.

Well that all I have for you today. Thursday will be my crafting day and I will share with you every project. For the time being I will not be able to do my daily blogs . I have to set up my new craft area with you and I will share how I store my craft items and organize my craft space. That will be coming soon. So until then,

Keep crafting

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