Getting back into some kind of groove.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a small project I complete this week. I made a side table for my solarium. I have two empty corners between on large window, and I throughly I need to add something in them. Sorry I didn’t take picture of them before but did take pictures of the process. So let me tell you about this table. It cost me $3.00. At first I want to make it for my daughters bedroom because she wanted some where to place a candle on,but after I placed it in the corner, I decided I will make two more. So let me tell you what they are made of. Two mesh trash cans and a pizza tray. Yes all from Dollar Tree. And all I had to do was a little painting and glueing.

The first thing I did was take all the labels and tags off the items and painted the pizza tray black. The tray comes in a silver.So while the tray dried, I started to glue the trash cans together.and let the dry. After they dried a bit and I could handle them without them coming apart I glued the pizza tray to the top of the trash cans and let all the components dry for six hours. I forgot to mention I also used some Fix all glue from Dollar Tree. I didn’t have my trusty E-6000 but it worked just as well.And here is my finished project. Them items on the table is for display only. I haven’t yet decide what will be on them , but as I said I will be making another one for the other corner, and you know as always I will share, all my projects with you and as I finish an area I will show you the completed space. I’m working with a new blank canvas. So I will end this blog here and remember Keep crafting.

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