Let there be light

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I hope you had a good crafting weekend.I had a good weekend and I started some projects that I will share with you. I have to keep you coming back. So today project comes with a short story. One day I was watching you tube and I saw a video on how to make a mason jar lamp. I was so intrigued with this I order a light kit from amazon, purchase another light kit from Home Depot and found some mason jars that I had around the house. In the video the person show how she cut a hole in the bottom on the jar, thread the cords thru, put the light kit together and she had a lamp. I didn’t want to do all of that so I found a light kit where the cord connects to the side of the housing for the bulb. I later found out my kit was a 3 way kit. So anyway I drilled my hole into the top of my mason jar, connect my light kit and hold and behold I had a lamp. Fast forward now I’m in Florida and I found that I have a new favorite drink which comes in a very nice bottle.(wait for it ).Stick with me its coming. So you are asking what do that have to do with making a lamp.Well I just love this drink and the bottle is so nice,and I love making lamps,( I made 3 so far). I guess by now you can see where I’m going with this. Yes I made a lamp with this bottle. I repurposed my former lamp kit and made a new lamp. This lamp took me around 20-30 minutes because you have to drill a hole in the top, attach the light kit and make sure the bottle can handle the weight of the light.In the picture above I show how I measured the hole on the new top from my previous lame and drilled a hole in the new top. I also add gems to the bottle to give it some weight.Here is my finished project. I’m using it now just so I have a lamp to read in bed with, but as soon as I get my craft area set up. I will be adding this to my desk.

So that it for today. I hope you return to see what I do next. Always remember to

Keep Crafting

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