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Hi and thank you for returning to my blog. Today I realize that the hardest thing to do is decorate your own space. For years Ive lived with my mother and I had a room. That room was were I slept and my craft haven. Since Ive moved(Yes I have roommates) its been hard to decide what we need for our space. I also have the job of creating a craft space for my room,so i can move my stuff out of the closet. For now all I can do is some small decor item. I know that’s backwards but as soon as I get my craft desk I will have an idea what kind of decor I want that would be use for both decor and storage. I want my decor to be multi purpose. So what that being said this is the item that I completed.Once again I need to remember to take more before pictures. As you all know Micheals have this section in the store that’s called create it. They have different mixed media items to personalize. Items such as clothing, metals,ceramics,so on and so forth. I picked up a ceramic pineapple.I had it but didn’t have any ideal what I could use it for so I just left it.I finally decide to paint it and will probably use it as an catch all for my desk supplies. So before I show you some of the process I used acrylic paint in the colors of carrot and grass greenThese two colors was the closest I could get to a pineapple color. I painted the body with 3 coats of the carrot, letting it dry in between coats,After that finish dry I painted the crown of the pineapple with the grass green.(Once again I forgot the pictures). I only put one coat of the green on the crown because I wanted it to look natural. Now looking at it I should have added a little of the yellow on the crown to give it that look as if the leaf is turning. Here is what the finish project look like.I liked the way it turn out, I wanted to draw on the spikes that pineapple have but I didn’t want to mess it up so I decide not to. I cant wait to add this item to my desk. I will share with you how all these come together in a future post, so stay turned.

As always I will leave you with this

Keep crafting.

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