A lady never discuss the size of craft stash.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today is share day for me. I wanted to share with you where I store my craft supplies for now, as well as the area I planned to set up my new craft area. So I think I mentioned before my craft area will be smaller than my previous one because I do have less space.I will make the best of what I have and make it organized enough to work on my crafts and have room to maneuver in my space. I’m still looking for a desk that will fit my space and have enough room to set up my cricut maker, sewing machine and printer with room to sit and work on my planner. So let me show you where I have my craft stored.So now that you see it let me explain the mess you see. I have a walk in closet. Sitting on the floor I have multiple storage boxes containing assorted craft supplies. These supples includes fabrics,paint and misc craft supplies. On the shelf I have my craft tools organizer my mint and circut machine including my mats. Also I have my tool box (for all my nails wrench’s screw drivers etc). I also have my sewing boxes containing all my sewing supplies.Next is my chest which contain supplies that I dont really use on a regular basis and some larger items I couldn’t fit in the storage crates. Under my craft tools organizer I have my printer as well as a cabinet I use to store planner supplies. (It was damaged in moving, but nothing a little sanding and paint can’t handle) Also lets talk about the old cassette holder. I use that now to store all my plug for my machines, but will be recycling it to be something useable hopefully.

Here is the area I planning to set up my new crafting space. I will first show you an overview of my room.So this what my room look like now not including the area where I’m setting up my craft area. I have my own bathroom so that’s another reason my room is smaller and the walk in closet. This area is where I’m going to set up my new craft area. I will get good light from the window and I will be able to sit, work on crafts and have space for my bed and other items. You know as soon as I set up my area I will share it all with you. I hope you stay around to see how my journey ends.

Until then,

Keep crafting

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