What spare time: I have craft time

Hi and welcome back to my blog, If you are new here welcome. Today blog will be different from my other blogs because I want to share with you where I’m getting my inspirations from. I’m in the process of decorating my new apartment, and because funds are low I’m going to thrift stores and finding stuff that people leave outside . You know one man trash is another man treasure. So I went to the local library to look for craft books. So I picked 3 books and my daughter borrowed one book for me. The book that my daughter borrowed for me was the get started sewing,which I enjoyed so much and learn so much from I decided to purchase my own copy. So lets get into my books. The first book is Creative Juices by Cathie Fillian and Steve Piacenza. This book show you how you can take items you may have in your home and recycle them into something new. The book contain 45 redrafting projects to make with recycle stuff. I really enjoyed this book and will probably renew it because I seen a lot of projects that I can feed off. The next book is 150 plus quick and easy furniture project. A better homes and garden book. This book show you can revamp old furniture and give it new purpose. I picked up this book because I do go to thrift store and if I see something interesting I try to figure out how I can use this for my needs. I recently received a craft desk that was purchase from a thrift store and wait to you see what I did to it and how it looks in the space. The next book is crafting the resistance. This book caught my eye because of the title. The authors of this book is Lara Neel and Heather Mariano. In this book to my surprise contains projects from recycle items, sewing, crocheting and knitting. It gives you step be step instructions for those individual who want to do a craft but dont know how to start. Not only that, but it gives you projects to work on to get you started. The last book I mention first is the get started sewing. I borrowed this book because I want to make cushions for my shoe storage set up. I want to make a store storage so when we come home we can just put the shoes in a crate and be able to sit down to put shoes on. This set up will be at the door so we won’t have track marks on the carpet. This books teaches you have to sew and sewing supplies needed from hand sewing to sewing machines. To do cross stitch to embroidery. Its a good reference book to have. It also contain projects and patterns to us. This is a good book to add to your reference library. So I hope you enjoy this blog. I hope to share with you any other books I find interesting. So stick around because you will never know what surprises I have in store unless you are here.And as always Keep crafting

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