Too many ideal not enough time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a small craft project that is a revamp of a previous craft I shared with you. Remember the small table I made for the solarium. Well I was watch a you tube video. The you tuber named is Life at 50 and beyond. I notice how she did her side table and liked it so I decide to try it for my daughters room. She always talks about having somewhere to place a candle on and I like the table so I decided to try it.So let look at the first table I complete.I like the way this table came out, and I will in the future make another one to put in the other corner. The items I used for the new table are as shown.Other items that I used was E-6000 and a hot glue gun. I follow the same procedures as in previous blog but I had to paint the wreath form white to match the baskets.I glued the baskets together using E-6000 and hot glue. I did that because I didn’t have have the time to sit and wait for the glue to hold. It take 24 hours for E-6000 to fully bond and the hot glue holds it so you can move on. So I painted the form and once that was dry a glued it to the top of the trash cans with hot glue and E-6000. The only thing that is different about this one is I used a charger instead of a pizza pan. The charger sits within the wreath form and can be switched out. The other thing is you can add flowers twinkle lights, any kind of decoration within the baskets to change the look, because with the attached wreath form there is a hole which gives you access to the basket. Here is the finished side table ,Shown before and after the charger is placed on it.Here is what the item the table look like with items on it. I think is came out great and I cant wait to see what it looks like with different decor.

Well I hope you enjoy this blog and please stick around to see all my projects and see how I pull it all together in my new apartment. And I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting.

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