I was crafty when crafting wasn’t cool

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m back today with a project that Ive been talking about,my craft table. As I mention in a previous blog I like to go to thrift stores to find stuff that I can repurpose. On Monday my daughter and I went to a thrift store we discovered in our travels, and I found this table. The table originally was from Ikea which I research this desk, which is sold as a table top not including the legs for $24.99. My daughter brought it for $10.00.This is the table on the ikea website which included the legs which was sold separately.This is what my table look like when I brought it home. I had to remove the legs so I could walk it back to to my place. As you can see there are scratches and nicks on the table and the legs are dirty but I can fix it. I have the technology,I have the skills to redo this table.Being the crafter that I am I gather my supplies and got to work.To start, I brought some wood filler and a paint scraper,and got to work scraping off loose particles. Once that was done I use the wood filler to start filling in the scratches and nicks. The only thing about that is I took time to dry and harden.After the filler dried, I had to sand it to become smooth with the table. That was a job within itself because it requires a lot of arm power.After sanding the wood filler as close to the table as my arms allowed. Then I put some white paint to cover the wood filler.I would have brought wood filler that was close to the color of my table, but what you expect from dollar tree. The white paint was just to cover the wood filler so I can paint.

Next I paint the table turquoise. My original plan was to paint the top turquoise and paint the side pale blue, but once I put the turquoise I like the white on the sides and the legs.The one thing I forgot to mention is I did purchase some stencils from dollar tree. I wanted to have live, laugh and create. I later decided that the love.laugh and love stencil was all I needed.As you can see the stencil came out nice. The next step which was a last minute thing because I found out that you can scratch off the paint easy, was to paint the table with Mod Podge used for furniture. It helps to harden the surface, as well as set the paint.The last touch was to add light blue sponge marks to give it a cloudy polka dot look. It turned out to be really nice for an item that came from a thrift store.So what have I learn is don’t ever pass out a thrift store, because you never know what treasures you will find.

And now I will end my blog like I always do

Keep crafting.

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