Blank space to craft space pt 1

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always welcome to my new readers and subscribers. Today blog is going to start a series about my journey to decoration. I told you before how I need to set up a craft space in my bedroom. I finally started the process with up cycling a table I got table that was purchased from a thrift store. I finally set up the area where I will be working on my craft projects, decorating my planner as well as writing my blog. Previously I would work on a table in my solarium,but now I can sit at my craft table and look out the window and be as creative as I can be. Before I show you the process, I wanted to show you where my sewing machine and my cricut maker use to live.When ever I wanted to sew I would have to put it up somewhere.This is where my craft area will be located,but before I set it up I put on some carpet refresher and vacuumed the floor. Thats the white stuff you see on the floor. The pet crate is in that location and remain there. The box next to the crate will be place in another location. After I vacuumed the floor , I place the table in the area I wanted it. I did a lot of adjustment and I finally found a good area for it.The area I have it don’t block anything and when I place a chair (coming soon) in the area I get to use the daylight and look out the window(I live in a gated community so there really isn’t anything to see, but I get to use the daylight never the less. So here is the finally set up.I like the way it looks and I decided to just keep my cricut maker and my sewing machine on the table. I will be able to set up my laptop and printer in another area, but I will be able to use my laptop at the table when I need it. For the time being I can use my maker and my sewing machine.At the end of the day I like this set up and I just want to sit here and craft my heart out. So I will be bring this blog to an end, but like always I want you to

Keep crafting.

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