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Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today blog will not be a coffee time blog because I wanted to take this time to share what have been going on with me and the blog. First I want to share with you some items I purchased doing the week. One day I was able to go to Five Below. I really didn’t go all around the store because it had change so much since the last time I went there and I was pressed for time.

The first thing I want to share with you was some snacks. My daughter and I purchased some various flavors of Bubble Tea. We usually get this when we go to Five Below. One of my favorite candies are the Necco wafers, which not to many stores carry them anymore, so when I seen them at Five Below I had to get some. The last items my daughter purchased for her sister was some gummy meals. They love getting these kinds of items for each other.

The next items are some items for my cell phone and a case for my air pods and a little toy fish for the kitty. I did go there for some items such as a charger , phone screen protector as well as another cord which they didn’t have but as you see I did not leave empty handed.

The next items I wanted to share is from Dollar Tree. I went to the Dollar Tree in the same area that Five Below was hoping to be able to get some items I couldn’t find at the two other Dollar Tree but I didn’t have to much luck there either.

As always you know I couldn’t go to a Dollar Tree without picking up something for the anipeople. I picked up some dry food for both as well as some snack for the kitty. I also pick up some nail clippers for the kitty because its time she got a Mani and a Pedi.

You know I have to pick up snacks. I didn’t see my regulars on this trip but I couldn’t leave without something.

The last items that I picked up was some items I might use to make an Easter Wreath. Its getting so late I might just save these items for next year. I did pick up some lip balm because sometimes my lips get super dry talking all day, a to do list pads, I use them all the time as well as some batteries for my board I use for work and a light bulb.

I do want to share some news with you. This week I’m taking a break from the blog. I feel like I don’t bring what I want to bring to this blog and just go to stores to pick up items so that I can blog about something. I want to work on some craft items and make this blog have a purpose. I want to take some time to do some research and come back with a blog that really have something to tell. I hope you all stay with me to see what I have in store for this blog, until than I will keep, shopping , crafting and planning a blog that will bring you more.

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