Hi and yes I’m back, I took some time off to figure out what I want to do and how I want to handle this blog. I made some decisions about this blog and I want to share them with you all. I hope you all will continue to stay here with me and my blog.

The first thing I decided to do is not try to get a blog out when I have quantity and not quality content . I was also trying to make sure I have a blog published 3 days a week. I was purchasing items and not sharing some of the items so I would have content. I would make my Dollar Tree purchases on Sunday. I would purchase items from Amazon and Temu and would write blogs to fill in when I didn’t have enough content for the week. I decided I need to spend some time in getting back to working and share my crafting project as well. I also realize I stop going to other stores such as Target and Five Below as often as I use to. I would just go to the local Dollar Tree so I would have something to write about. That isn’t going to work for this blog any more, because it’s not fair to my readers. Going forward I will publish this 2 times a week. I will also start my podcast again. I use to publish my podcast once every two weeks and I haven’t working on that since December. I need to work on season 2. I also was trying to get content out for my You Tube channel, which I was forcing content there as well.

I hope you all will stick around and enjoy all the changes that will becoming to this blog. I hope it will be a blog that everyone will look forward to reading. Until next time please come back to see what I’m buying, crafting and planning next time.