What is going on with this blog

Hi and thank you for sticking around to this blog if you are a returning subscriber,and welcome if you are a new subscriber. I know its been a while since I last blog and this time I will not give an excuse for not being here. I just need to find the time to work,craft and blog. Since Ive been here in Florida, its been a hard experience.Ive been trying to work as many hours that I’m allowed as well as home improvement crafts. I also would like to take this blog and branch out and make it more than just a crafting blog. I want to go back to my roots of sharing hauls as well as share my other passion which is planning. I have a you tube channel which only have one video I made before I moved,but I would like to restart that channel. I want to have a chance to sit down and write and improve this blog. I working on getting my Etsy shop back opened.So I have a lot of things on my plate and it might look like I dont care about my blog anymore but its far from the truth. I want to do better and be better for my readers as well as myself.So with all being said I want to show you a redo craft. Its a craft I did before. Remember this from the blog placemats not just for tables. In that blog I took a couple of placemat from a thrift store and made a tool organizer. Well after I did that blog I decided to improve it. I not so much wanted to improve it , I wanted it to more convenient to use. So this is what I did.I took my an extra hanger and sew the two organizers together. The reason why I did this was to be able to add a command hooks and attached it to my desk. It will be more accessible when I’m crafting. This is what the organizer look like when its filled with craft tools. I was thinking that even in the future to add wooden dowels to it and add another decorative element to it and hang it on the wall either near my sewing or cricut machine.

Well I will bring this blog to an end . But one thing before I leave you,I want to give all my subscribers a little gift for sticking around. Its not much just a small thank you. If your are interested please leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap.And as always,

Keep crafting

What’s Happening

Hi and welcome back to my blog. First I would like to thank all of my new readers. If you like what you have read, please subscribe to this blog and see what I can come up with next.Second to my subscribers who have returned, thank you, this means a lot to me. I know its been a week since there have been a blog post and I do have good reasons. Work. I having been trying to pick up shifts, so on my day off I’m planning new crafts or working on some decor for my room and our common living area. I have a lot of craft projects to show you and will very soon.I even have a project that I shared in a previous blog and made a little bit better.There is something that I want to share with you today. As you may or may not know I’m a planner girl. I love everything that have to do with planning. I like to put stuff on paper and then execute them. I also have some planners that I sit down with to plan in and I like to decorate and include everything that will keep my life in order. With that being said, I’m thinking about redoing my blog to include planner stuff. I would like to share with you sticker, planner layouts and all that is planners within this blog.This is something I post to instagram every week and I’m really proud of it. Another weekly post I would like to share is item that I make using my cricut maker. I finally have my maker set up and been using it more more. I want to share with you how I use my cricut to make stickers for my planner and how I use it to cut out fabric for different home decor items. There is so much I want to share with you so I hope you will stay, the ride might be a little bumpy,but I hope it will be enjoyable.So before I bring this blog to an end I want to share with you a very small haul with you. I purchase these item from my local Dollar Tree, for a desk organization project. The first items are cabinet shelves. These are used to give you space in your cabinets for stacking plates and cups. I will be using these for the same purpose but on my desk. The next item is stacking organization draws. If you remember from an early blog post when I lived in NY, I purchase these items from Dollar Tree online and I used them to organize smaller items on my desk. I like them so much I purchase some more to help in organizing my new crafting area. This last item is just regular zip ties. Zip ties are always an important craft supply and no crafting arsenal should be without them. I will also be using them with my cabinet shelf organizer.

So that the end of this blog. I will leave you as I always do,

Keep Crafting

What’s coming up

Yes I’m back I guess after 4 days you figured it would take weeks for me to return but IM BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! First of all before I get to crazy I would like to thank my subscribers for returning to this blog with all its inconsistency. I’m trying gang. To any one who just happened to be passing through WHATS UP. Please subscribe and stick around to see what going on. So today I just wanted to come here to catch up. I don’t have a craft today because I’m working on planner stickers. As a planner girl I like to decorate my planner pages. Moving here to Florida I don’t have access to new stickers like I use to so I’ve been working on what type of stickers I want and their function. So I’ve been planning. so I took out my trusted journal I purchased from Michaels and start planning. This book is where I keep all my craft planning and ideas at.SoI’ve been taking measurements and writing what I want printed on my stickers.Etc. Sometime this evening will sit at my computer or this iPad, design them on cricut design space, print and cut them. If all goes well I will share them in my next blog. Well I will bring this short blog to an end, and like always

Keep crafting

What Are You back a 4th Day!!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. If you are visiting my blog for the first time please subscribe for future blogs and thank you for stopping by. If you are a subscriber and are returning thanks you coming back. So today I’m back with what I would have called Coffee Time but once I really get back on track, Coffee time will be back in full force. But today I am recapping alll the crafts I did in September. Now that its October I will be trying to make this blog a regular again.So her we go.

My first blog I did do in September was my night table remake. I took an old night table and with the help of my daughter we refinished it to become a craft storage table.

The next blog I did last month which took me two weeks from the first on of September was my placement tool holder. I showed how you can take any cloth placemat and think out of the box.

I did do I quickie blog where I took a pen kit and some paper clips and made something that all planner babes or even planner dudes would like as an addition to there planners.

The last thing I did for September was I made a candy jar for my desk. What originally was suppose to be somewhere to store my paper clips turned out to be a sweet treat for me and my desk.

I hope if you haven’t had a chance to read these blog, please check them out.

And as always

keep crafting

Candy Please

Hi and thank you for coming back to my blog. If this is your first time here please subscribe and come back to see what I come up with next.If you are a returning subscriber thank you for sticking around. So yes this is 3 days in a row and I hope I can keep this momentum up. Today project is a candy dish for my desk. I wanted somewhere to keep my little sweets. I really just wanted to have a place to put all my paper clips. I have so many different shapes,sizes and styles which I keep with my planner supplies but dont never seem to use them. I decided to make a decorative jar to place them in on my desk, but after I finished it I decided to put some spice drops I had purchase in it instead. So originally I was going to use a candle stick,fish bowl and ashtray to make it. I later decided I didn’t like the way the ashtray looked as a top for the fish bowl, so I took another route. I decided to get a jar with a lid on it instead.

The first thing I did was spray paint the candlestick and the lid rose gold. The top took a little longer to dry so it might have a little finger prints on it. After everything dried I used some E-6000 to glue the jar to the candle stick . Side note, I try to use some superglue which it didn’t hold. While waiting for that to set a little, I add some bling to the top. This is what the finished project looked like. I love it and I added my spiced drop which gave it a hint of color .

Well I hope you enjoyed this project and I will leave you I always leave you,

Keep crafting

Quickie Craft, or just something to kill some free time.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Yes I’m back a second day in a row. Just had some quite time and decided to catch up on my blog. I do have a lot of crafts to share, but to sit down to write a blog for me takes planning. After I finish the craft which include taking the picture, I like to sit down and plan what I will be writing about these craft. So I go through my pictures and put pencil to paper to write this blog. But now back to this blog, I made two items which is for planner pictures I post to instagram. On is a bead pen and the other is decorative paper clips. Both of these crafts have the components all ready established I just added items to it that could take it to the next level.The first thing I made is a bead pen. I previously made one before but I left it in my desk in NY. So I decide to make another one, and only because I found some pretty beads in my stash I wanted to use. All I had to do with this craft is put the components of the pen together, add the beads and it was done. But in hindsight, I wish I had larger beads because I would have like the beads to fit the width of the pen. Good thing this craft isn’t permanent.One day in the future I will replace them. The second craft was I added some charms to some fat paper clips I purchased at Michaels.I just added some jump rings to some charms I also had in stash, then I just put them on the paper clips. See quick with no effort at all. So that all I have for you today,and I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

Placemats: Not just for the table

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank my new subscribers to my blog page and also thank those who are still here despite me not posting regularly like I use to, so much thanks.

Today I will show you what you can do if you have placemats. On Tuesday I went to the Well of Hope thrift store to give a donation, and while walking around the store I saw they were selling cloth placemats for .25 a piece. Being the crafter that I like to think I am, my first thought was throw pillows for my bed. So I picked up for of these items with my mind racing on how they will look when I’m finished. I imagine my bed with these pillows on it.I figured it this worked out I will go back and purchase the remaining placemats and make pillows for our Fulton in the living room. When I finally came home and examine the mats,I notice why these beautiful placemats were going for so cheap.To the naked eye they looked perfect, but taking a another look,which isn’t that noticeable, there were imperfections. The first thing was even though they seems to be identical, the material was different. Maybe there was interfacing in between them to make them stiff but some were very flimsy.Another thing I notice that no two were the same size. I purchase four of these place mats and when I pinned them to sew together not one matched. So long story short I had to come up with a plan “B”. I started to research on you tube to see what I can do with these placemats. There was one you tuber that took placemats and made a traveling tool kit that she could place her craft tools in roll it up and take it with her. I don’t travel with my craft tools so I took her idea and made it suit my needs. I took the placemats and made a tool kit that will in the future just stay on my desk either hanging on the wall or just place there for easy access. So first what i did was to figure out how much room I need and how deep I wanted the pockets.I than measure the pockets marked the area I wanted to sew the pockets. After all the pockets were sewn I proceeded to sew the sides down and there you have it a craft kit. I made two of them because I wanted one to keep my cricut tools and another one to keep my general tools. The only thing different about the second one I decided to add a smaller pocket to the front of the larger pocket.I haven’t decided yet how I will display them but expect a room tour blog in the near future showing you how I put it all together.So I hoped you enjoyed this blog and I will leave you as always

Keep crafting.

From trash to treasure

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Wow its been 21 days since I last blogged and I’m so glad to be back. If you are still here, thank you for sticking around. I know its been few and far between blog post,but with work and making time to craft, if been hard to sit down and blog. I’m now in the process of setting a blog schedule. With my hours being not consistent, its hard. So I will be blogging as much as I can and will have a steady schedule soon. So from the title I’m doing a trash to treasure project. Let me start with the back story. Yesterday morning I was out walking Pebbles, and over where I walk her there is an area where people throw out old furniture,wood etc. There were two night tables which from where I was standing looked to be in good condition. So I daughter about them and told her one of the table would make a good printer table,with storage. I previously found a table for my printer,which need a lot of work.We did end up painting it and adding a piece of wood to the top, but it was bulking in the space and I could never fix it to where I wanted it to be. But after looking at this night table it was just the right size for the corner. So we looked at both tables which was in good condition, just a little water damaged on the top and decided which one had the lesser damage.I liked the color of the tables but it need to include some of my room colors. To do this I decided with my daughter help to change the front of the table color to a blue and try to repair the top.While my daughter pained the front of the table I sanded the top and try to fill in the imperfection with wood filler.This is what to front look like after the first coat of paint and the top was filled. The next steps which went a little faster than I can take pictures for, consist of putting on the second coat of paint and decorating the front with wall stickers I brought from Dollar TreeIf you notice on the front I made my own temporary draw pulls out of wooden spools and gem stones. The wooden spools I have from another project and the gems I picked up at Dollar tree as well as the next item.After I finished sanding down the top of the table I realized I didn’t have a color to that be nice for the top, so I used the left over contact paper I purchased for the top of my desk,(long story short, my desk top had a coffee stain on it which I didn’t want to repaint so I covered the desk instead),and this is what the finished table look like.I like the way the front came out with the dark blue and the paper just make the blue stand out more. The butterfly stickers just add to the decoration. The best part is how it ties in with the desk.Remember at the beginning of the blog I mention I wanted to use it as a printer table, well at the time of writing this blog all my design ideals changed and I decided to use it for my cricut maker and some cricut suppliesI like the way my trash to treasure night table turned out and I like the way it looks clean and organize and check out my desk. Now I can use it to sew without moving my cricut machine and I have room to work on my planner.And I have a place for my printer,which for now how often I use it is in a good location.So I hope you like the way I change something was thrown away into a complete new useable item. I will be back soon, so please come back, as always

Keep Crafting.

I’m Back!!!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m so grateful you have stuck around with me. Thank you for returning and seeing what kind of craziness I can create. So what have a been up to. I decided to do something a little different today. One day I was at work and a customer purchased some shredded chicken. It looked really good and I was thinking to myself,I can make that myself. So I decided to try. To make the shedded chicken I purchase some boneless/skinless chicken breast and barbeque sauce. I used an assortment of my favorites seasonings. I don’t have pictures of the actual making of the chicken, but what I did was boil the chicken down so it can be easily shredded. Side note, I used the the broth from the chicken to add to my dog dry food. The broth didnt contain any seasoning and she loves it. This is what I called a two for. So back to the chicken. Once it was finished cooking I put it on the plate and let it cool a little bit.As shown above, once the chicken cool down some, I cut it up in pieces and preceded to use two fork and shred the chicken. After the chicken was shredded, I put it into a baking pan and add my seasoning.After adding all the ingredients, I placed it in the oven and let it bake about 10 minutes at 350 degrees. As you see once you put all the seasoning on it including the barbecue sauce, It kind of wet. So that’s the reason I put it in the oven for 10 minutes. This gives the chicken some time to absorb the barbecue sauce. Here is what it looks like once it finishes. I’m showed two different ways you can serve it. I chose to have mine on a bed of jasmine rice, where as my daughters choice was to place it on a roll as an open faced sandwich.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog, it was something different which I can add to this blog.

Please comment. And as always

Keep crafting.

Where have I been: an update

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank you for all of you whom are still here waiting to see what I’m up to, and what craft I have been working on. This blog today is to just update you on what has been going in since my last post. As you know Ive moved to Florida and just like everything new, its been an adjustment. I transferred to a new Micheals which was hard because I went from customer service manager to a certified framer. I went from having 36 plus hours a week to getting any where from 12-16 hours a week. I had to go to another county to work,which with hardly no hours and no stable transportation, it was really hard. So with a heavy heart I had to resign my position at Micheals. I’m so sad but I couldn’t do it anymore. The good news is I did get a job at Walmart in my area. I get better hours and its within walking distance. On nights that I work late an Uber is so much cheaper. So the good news, I’m still crafting and Micheals will continue to be part of my crafting life, but now I can get craft supplies at Walmart also. I have been working on some many crafts and I have them to share with you, but this is the first time since Ive started Walmart that I had a chance to write. I have so much to share and I want to show you updates of our apartment. So I hope you stick around because you are about to get craft overload.

So I will leave you like I always leave you.

Keep crafting