From trash to treasure

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Wow its been 21 days since I last blogged and I’m so glad to be back. If you are still here, thank you for sticking around. I know its been few and far between blog post,but with work and making time to craft, if been hard to sit down and blog. I’m now in the process of setting a blog schedule. With my hours being not consistent, its hard. So I will be blogging as much as I can and will have a steady schedule soon. So from the title I’m doing a trash to treasure project. Let me start with the back story. Yesterday morning I was out walking Pebbles, and over where I walk her there is an area where people throw out old furniture,wood etc. There were two night tables which from where I was standing looked to be in good condition. So I daughter about them and told her one of the table would make a good printer table,with storage. I previously found a table for my printer,which need a lot of work.We did end up painting it and adding a piece of wood to the top, but it was bulking in the space and I could never fix it to where I wanted it to be. But after looking at this night table it was just the right size for the corner. So we looked at both tables which was in good condition, just a little water damaged on the top and decided which one had the lesser damage.I liked the color of the tables but it need to include some of my room colors. To do this I decided with my daughter help to change the front of the table color to a blue and try to repair the top.While my daughter pained the front of the table I sanded the top and try to fill in the imperfection with wood filler.This is what to front look like after the first coat of paint and the top was filled. The next steps which went a little faster than I can take pictures for, consist of putting on the second coat of paint and decorating the front with wall stickers I brought from Dollar TreeIf you notice on the front I made my own temporary draw pulls out of wooden spools and gem stones. The wooden spools I have from another project and the gems I picked up at Dollar tree as well as the next item.After I finished sanding down the top of the table I realized I didn’t have a color to that be nice for the top, so I used the left over contact paper I purchased for the top of my desk,(long story short, my desk top had a coffee stain on it which I didn’t want to repaint so I covered the desk instead),and this is what the finished table look like.I like the way the front came out with the dark blue and the paper just make the blue stand out more. The butterfly stickers just add to the decoration. The best part is how it ties in with the desk.Remember at the beginning of the blog I mention I wanted to use it as a printer table, well at the time of writing this blog all my design ideals changed and I decided to use it for my cricut maker and some cricut suppliesI like the way my trash to treasure night table turned out and I like the way it looks clean and organize and check out my desk. Now I can use it to sew without moving my cricut machine and I have room to work on my planner.And I have a place for my printer,which for now how often I use it is in a good location.So I hope you like the way I change something was thrown away into a complete new useable item. I will be back soon, so please come back, as always

Keep Crafting.

I’m Back!!!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m so grateful you have stuck around with me. Thank you for returning and seeing what kind of craziness I can create. So what have a been up to. I decided to do something a little different today. One day I was at work and a customer purchased some shredded chicken. It looked really good and I was thinking to myself,I can make that myself. So I decided to try. To make the shedded chicken I purchase some boneless/skinless chicken breast and barbeque sauce. I used an assortment of my favorites seasonings. I don’t have pictures of the actual making of the chicken, but what I did was boil the chicken down so it can be easily shredded. Side note, I used the the broth from the chicken to add to my dog dry food. The broth didnt contain any seasoning and she loves it. This is what I called a two for. So back to the chicken. Once it was finished cooking I put it on the plate and let it cool a little bit.As shown above, once the chicken cool down some, I cut it up in pieces and preceded to use two fork and shred the chicken. After the chicken was shredded, I put it into a baking pan and add my seasoning.After adding all the ingredients, I placed it in the oven and let it bake about 10 minutes at 350 degrees. As you see once you put all the seasoning on it including the barbecue sauce, It kind of wet. So that’s the reason I put it in the oven for 10 minutes. This gives the chicken some time to absorb the barbecue sauce. Here is what it looks like once it finishes. I’m showed two different ways you can serve it. I chose to have mine on a bed of jasmine rice, where as my daughters choice was to place it on a roll as an open faced sandwich.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog, it was something different which I can add to this blog.

Please comment. And as always

Keep crafting.

Where have I been: an update

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank you for all of you whom are still here waiting to see what I’m up to, and what craft I have been working on. This blog today is to just update you on what has been going in since my last post. As you know Ive moved to Florida and just like everything new, its been an adjustment. I transferred to a new Micheals which was hard because I went from customer service manager to a certified framer. I went from having 36 plus hours a week to getting any where from 12-16 hours a week. I had to go to another county to work,which with hardly no hours and no stable transportation, it was really hard. So with a heavy heart I had to resign my position at Micheals. I’m so sad but I couldn’t do it anymore. The good news is I did get a job at Walmart in my area. I get better hours and its within walking distance. On nights that I work late an Uber is so much cheaper. So the good news, I’m still crafting and Micheals will continue to be part of my crafting life, but now I can get craft supplies at Walmart also. I have been working on some many crafts and I have them to share with you, but this is the first time since Ive started Walmart that I had a chance to write. I have so much to share and I want to show you updates of our apartment. So I hope you stick around because you are about to get craft overload.

So I will leave you like I always leave you.

Keep crafting

Oh what a beautiful craft week

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Wow has it been a week? Let me first thank you for returning to my blog and for sticking around. So I know I only had three blog post this week, but it is getting better. This one will be four so yea me. Just joking. I had another small quick craft for you today but I didn’t like the way it turned out so as soon as I figure some things out I will show you. I’m also thinking about a monthly newsletter to share not only what’s going on with my blog but what’s going on in my crafting life. I’m trying now to either get my camera mailed to me or just purchase a new one. The decision I have to make. So meanwhile I just wanted to pop on to let you know my plans as well as why there aren’t crafts for today. I will be back tomorrow so please come back to see what I have in store for you. And as always, Keep Crafting

Just another quickie

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I have just a small project to share with you. Since I set up my craft area,I now be able to sew more. I have my machine set up on the table,so I can just sit down and sew without having to more the machine to another location. I had planned to make a weighted pin cushion. I wanted to make a catch all for threat and fabric scrapes but I changed my mind since I have a trash can by my desk. So I just made a weighted pin cushion that can be also used as a paper weight if I need it. The items that I used was some fabric, and some poly-pellets,which are used to make beany toys etc.I also had on hand my little mini iron and mat.Before I could figure out what size I wanted to make my pin cushion I had to iron out all of the fold lines.I then proceeded to cut the fabric to size.After making sure I had the line iron out I cut the fabric to the size I wanted. With the good sides facing each other I sew it and left just enough room once I turned it over to put the neck of the poly pellets into the hole. I filled up the back and just folded the open end and hand sew the opening.And this is what the finished item look like. I wanted it to be used as I said earlier to be used as a catch all and this is what that looked like before I changed my mind.I like it better alone so for now it will set on my desk as a paper weight/weighted pin cushion.

So before I end this blog, I want to apologize for not having picture to show my process. I for some dumb reason left my camera hanging on my desk chair back in NYC. So for now I have to stop and take picture with my iPad which it I took step by step picture would take a longer to complete my projects. So now I will only have picture of the starting process and the finished project. Please be patient with me. I’m still trying to get settle and as Stella did “get my groove back” So I will leave you like I always do, until next time Keep Crafting

Crafting,crafting what a girl to do.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thanks for staying here with me even through I haven’t be consistently writing, which I hope I can get back on schedule really soon. I have been doing some crafting. I have project that I’m excited to share with you. The craft Ive been working this week is candle making.So I shared in a previous blog I shared the two items above for a craft I was planning.The craft if you guess right is making a candle.I wanted to give a try at candle making because I had a coupon from Micheals and I purchase a kit. I’m always looking to try something new. The best part of my new adventure is the crafts I’ll be working on will be home decor. So back to the candle making.The wax came in two blocks. That was enough to make two candles. I only made one candle because it was my first experience with making candles. I prep my work area so I didn’t mess up the counters. I heated up my chocolate melter and started to grate my candle wax. (Side note, items that I didn’t show, a cheese grater,dye for the candles as well a fragrance and a thermometer), Sorry I didn’t get to take picture of the process because I had to constantly stir the wax and watch the temperature. After the wax had come to temperature, I poured it into the candle holder that was included in the kit. I had to put in one layer allow it to harden then put holes into the wax to release the air. I then put another layer on top to fill in the holes and fill it up to the top of the holder.So here the finished candle. And for a first time candle maker I dont think it came out so bad. Next candle I planning to make I want to experiment with layering them with different colors and fragrances, so when you burn the candle every color will have its own fragrance. There are so many possibilities with candle making and I can’t wait to see what I can do.So thanks for sticking around and I hope you will come back soon to see what else I have planned. Until then Keep Crafting.

Guess what I have a haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I will share with you some items that I purchase. This is the first time I had a chance to purchase items for craft purposes. I went to dollar tree and purchase one item. I purchase a couple of items from Micheals and I brought one thing from a store here in Florida name Bulk Nation.Let start it Bulk Nation. Bulk nation is a store that sell items in bulk. Items such as flour,cereal,candy and other items that is usually in boxes and packages that contain more air than product.I purchase citric acid .I brought this for a project that I will share with you in a future blog.The next item I purchased from Dollar Tree and Micheals,once again it will be used for part of a future blog.You can tell what Ive planning for my next project. Another item I purchase from Micheals were two wooden crates. I’m working on a decor project for my apartment and I will be sharing that with you soon. The last items I purchase from Walmart and it is just some tool items.These items are just items I need to add to my tool box. You know items that you don’t need now but will be needed in the future.I have a lot of crafts planned and will like always share with you.One last minute find I brought from a thrift store in the neighborhood named Well of hope. I have to admit I love going to this store because all their stuff is in good condition and the prices are so reasonable. As you know from a previous blog my daughter purchase my craft desk, which was originally come from Ikea and the top alone was $24.99. My daughter brought the whole table for $10. I purchase my chair for $3.00. So back to the item above, I was thinking out for the box and purchase this item which was meant to melt chocolate to melt other items, such as soap and candles,but more on that later.So that will bring me to the end of this blog and as always,

Keep crafting

What Ive been doing

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Just a quick blog to update you on what I’ve been up to since the last time I was here.I’ve been crafting. I worked on a lot of project since I last was here. I been back to the thrift store and found a chair for my craft table. I’m in the process of doing an upcycle of it. This chair I got from the thrift store Well Of Hope Thrift Store.It was a good buy, it cost me $3. It had a few scratches on it,but I will put a little wood filler and paint on it and it should be as good as new. I decided to keep it white because my table has white in it. The next thing I decide to do with the chair is make a cushion for it. The chair is wood and I plan on doing a lot of sewing and blogging at my desk so a cushion is a must.Originally I was going to take the lazy way out, so I purchase a pillow case to stuff, but it was too soft and I had to put too much stuffing in it, so i guess it dont pay to take shortcuts. I ended up using left over material from my pet bed project to make a nice sturdy seat cushion.The next thing I decided to do was to make a cover for the back of the chair. I will show you how it looked, but since took it off because I wanted it to be more neater.The cover was neat in the front of the chair but I couldn’t seem to get the back to come together. Another thing is I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t get the back to come together a little neater.My plan is to make a pattern for the back of the chair and redo the cover with another type of material.This is what my chair look like once I put the cover on the back. The cover is too light for the chair cushion. I’m not talking about the color, I’m taking about the fabric itself.Another thing about the cover, I couldn’t get the fabric to form around the back correctly.This is what the chair looks like without the back cover. Its a little bang up on the sides but I can sit in it and its comfortable. In the future I will share with you how the chair finally turned out.

Well this is where I ended this blog for today, I will be back soon with some new project. I will be back soon, but I will leave like I do always,

Keep crafting

Blank space to craft space pt 1

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always welcome to my new readers and subscribers. Today blog is going to start a series about my journey to decoration. I told you before how I need to set up a craft space in my bedroom. I finally started the process with up cycling a table I got table that was purchased from a thrift store. I finally set up the area where I will be working on my craft projects, decorating my planner as well as writing my blog. Previously I would work on a table in my solarium,but now I can sit at my craft table and look out the window and be as creative as I can be. Before I show you the process, I wanted to show you where my sewing machine and my cricut maker use to live.When ever I wanted to sew I would have to put it up somewhere.This is where my craft area will be located,but before I set it up I put on some carpet refresher and vacuumed the floor. Thats the white stuff you see on the floor. The pet crate is in that location and remain there. The box next to the crate will be place in another location. After I vacuumed the floor , I place the table in the area I wanted it. I did a lot of adjustment and I finally found a good area for it.The area I have it don’t block anything and when I place a chair (coming soon) in the area I get to use the daylight and look out the window(I live in a gated community so there really isn’t anything to see, but I get to use the daylight never the less. So here is the finally set up.I like the way it looks and I decided to just keep my cricut maker and my sewing machine on the table. I will be able to set up my laptop and printer in another area, but I will be able to use my laptop at the table when I need it. For the time being I can use my maker and my sewing machine.At the end of the day I like this set up and I just want to sit here and craft my heart out. So I will be bring this blog to an end, but like always I want you to

Keep crafting.

Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog, and welcome to coffee time. Coffee time is the time were we sit down with a hot cup of coffee(or tea if you prefer) and review what I did this week. So This week I shared two projects, both tables. One was a side table I made for my daughter to put her candles on and the other one was an upcycle from a thrift storeThis is what the finished project looked like, and to add a little decor I added twinkle lights,(not shown)My other table was from the thrift store. It was originally from IKEA. I took this table and upcycle it into something I cant wait to set up in my craft area.You know when I set it up I will share with you.

This week I did do something with my blog I never did before, and that’s to share some books I was reading. These books I borrowed from the local library,but one of the books I decide I would like to have my own copy. So what I have coming up this week. I hope to be able to show you the beginning of craft area set up. On Friday I went to goodwill and I will share with you the books I purchase.Also want to share with you hauls again. I have been going to Dollar Tree, but most of the items I purchase was household items and a few crafting items that I didn’t bother to share.I do plan on doing more crafting shopping soon.

Well I’m coming to the end of this blog and my coffee. I will be here again and until then

Keep crafting