Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank everyone old and new for subscribing and sticking around to see what I come up next in both the craft and planning world. As you know coffee time is when I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and review the blogging week. This blog will be a short one because I did miss three blogging days. So on Mon, Tues and Fri, I didn’t blog at all. On Monday I finally had a chance to tape my video for You Tube. Its still in the editing stage because I didn’t realize when you sit down to truly edit a video it take time. My first video I did as about what planners I use, I tape it on my Ipad uploaded it ,didn’t have much editing to do, added music and download it. This video I’m using a camcorder and I had so many interruptions that day I have a lot of cutting and pasting to do. So needless to say its not done. I think I will need a day to record and a day to edit.So I’m working on a schedule where it dont interfere with my blog and crafting time. On Wednesday I shared how I make functional stickers for my planner using my cricut maker.I recently start using the big happy planner and stickers for the planner are getting hard to find. So I decided to try making my own.Like everything there will be trial and error,but for my first try,I dont think they are too bad. So Thursday was Valentine’s Day. I shared my living space decor. We just added some heart on the wall and made some sweetheart message hearts.I just you can say my we put our hearts on display.I also shared by table arrangement and my pen holder on my desk which I will keep as is on my desk. I will probably remove the heart picks and add Easter egg picks or flowers. I just loved the vase and didn’t care it was Valentine themed.Yesterday blog was a small haul.Not much happening there,just a few items for decor and items I needed.So that’s what has been happening this week. Next week have so many projects planned and of cos I will share them with you so stay tuned. Also I’m coming to the end of my room redo. I hope to sharing that with you as soon as a week or two. My plan for my room reveal will not only be a blog,but I will be recording it for my channel. The video will just show the room after,but the blog will share more details.So stick around because all will be revealed soon.I will now leave this blog like always ,

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Small Dollar Tree Haul

Hi and welcome to my blog. Like always I want to thank everyone for sticking around and seeing what I’m up to today.

Yesterday I decided to start planning my spring decor. I want to do some kind of flower arrangement for the well as a wreath for the door. At Dollar tree I didn’t find any flowers that grab me,but you know me my next day of I will be returning. So I let see what I did get.See it was a very small haul. I picked up 3 things for future crafts and the others was just needed items. Lets start with need items. Pillow case, I recently purchased more pillows for m bed and as you know full sheet sets only come with two pillow cases. I need two more and I picked them up to match my sheet.The next item were stones. I had purchase a galvanize window planter and I wanted to transfer my plants to it. I wanted to use the stones for drainage. The last two items are folders and clips. The two items for decor elements was the ribbons and the form eggs. I will be using the ribbon for a wreath and the eggs will be added to the wreath for Easter decor than I will add flowers to the wreath using the same ribbon for spring and summer decor. When the time come I will probably add spring and summer flowers to the wreath. So that my really really small haul. I also want to add I’m now on google plus, if you are interested in planning and crafting I have a community board they and I would like it if you join me there to share your crafts and planner style. I will be happy to see you there and more than happy so see what crafts you are interested in. Its the same name of the blog so come over .Well I will end this blog like always,

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Valentine’s Day

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thanks to all my subscribers old and new, for returning. And most of all Happy Valentine’s Day. I also want to say Happy B-Day to my grandma, I know she wont read my blog,but today she is 92 years young and is still sharp. So I want to salute her.

Valentine’s Day aka Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine is the celebration of love and affection.Love and affection for everyone. No matter who you are and who you love. My blog today is not to give you history of Valentin’s Day,but to share my home decor for Valentine’s Day. My daughter has decided that we will try to do some kind of decor for out living space no matter how big or how small the occasion is. The Christmas season sparked something in us and this will be our new tradition. This week I will be going to Dollar Tree to pick up stuff for my spring decor. I will share all that with you also,including the living space. So lets get to the decor.The dining table I just made a center piece with a heart bouquet on a silver tray. The mint was left from Christmas decor, so I just left them there.The side table by the window I just took the bottle from our New Years sparkling grape juice wash and peel off the label and added a same heart bouquet. We took different color heart and different sizes and glued then together and put them on the wall. We also used paper doily .Nothing to fancy,but nice nevertheless.On the door we took the paper Dolly’s and added messages on them like the sweet hearts you get in the box.Trying to make the door look fun. The last few thing we did was to add string to a couple of heart to hang them from the door knobs and I added two hearts from Dollar Tree to my window

As a bonus I wanted to share with you my pen holder on my desk. I saw this vase at Dollar Tree and even through it was for Valentine’s Day I just liked it so I added my pens and some heart picks,and this will be part of my room decor.So I hope you enjoy todays blog. Once again Happy Valentine’s Day and

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More planner stuff

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Sorry I haven’t posted in the last two days,but as you know I’m trying to start a you tube channel,(restart my you tube channel). I recorded a video and now I’m in the process of editing and uploading it. But before I get to the blog, I want to like always thank you for subscribing and continuing coming back.

Today blog I want to share my planner sticker process. I design stickers I want to use in my big happy planner. For now I’m still trying to figure out how I want my planner to function. I’m using a big happy planner for the first time and with more space I have more stuff I would like to record.

To make my planner more functional, there are certain things I would like to track. I wanted my planner to function as a everyday planner,but also as a memory keeper. So today I will share how I make stickers using my cricut maker. To start I sit down and take measurement of my boxes and figure what I want my spread to be set up for the week. Now its time for me to open design space,(a cricut app) and work on my stickers.So to start I had to choose the shape of my sticker. Since the boxes in the Happy Planner is rectangle, I always start with a square. The square is than adjusted to the measurements I took when I started the desigining process.The next steps is the change the square to a lighter color. I do this because basically I just need the square to be cut out and if I use a color, I would have to have the color added by a printer before cutting and that could be expensive.Later on I will experiment with adding color using water paint or makers to add color to the sheet before cutting.The next steps is to pick my font and write out what I want my sticker to say. After that the text is added, it has to be sized to fit the square.I then had to change the text to a write setting and what type of pen I want to use. For this sticker I picked a black glitter pen.The last two steps is to attach the text to the boxes. If you skip this step, the cricut will cut out the boxes on one page and write the text on another page. You need to attach the text to the box so it will write the text in the square and than cut it out. The final step before you cut the stickers is to decide how many stickers you want, duplicate it and started to cut. I’m sorry I didn’t show you the finished sticker,but I want to add more items to this page before I cut.

So I hope you liked seeing my planner sticker process. I hope you be inspired to make your own stickers for your planner. I planning in the future to make icons and decor stickers for my planner, so stay here for that.I will now leave you like always,

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Coffee time

Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m going to do something different today for my intro. I know every intro I thank all my subscribers old and new for reading my blog, so I’m doing to say this one thing. I want you all to know I’m really thankful for all of you who read this blog. I appreciate all my support I receive from you and I think at this point you all know this.So I’m going to give you all one last shout out and a great big thanks for being here and sticking with me through all inconsistency,and hope you continue to remain here. With that being said lets get to coffee time.

As you know coffee time is the day I sit down with my hot cup of coffee and give you a quick review of the past week blog.So this week I did miss two days blogging. My daughter was here from NYC and she left to go home on Wed. So I didn’t blog on Mon or Wed,because of that’s reason. I wanted to have some time with her and I didn’t have time to craft or work on my room. This week I shared how I made stamps for my planner. I did use the silhouette mint machine. I design this stamp to have what I track daily in my household planner.

My next blog was my bathroom redo. I showed my before,after and after picture of how I re-re organize my bathroom under the sink cabinet. I still have a lot of stuff,but its much neater than before with the labeled boxes. P is for Puff, I shared a story about Puff the cat and shared this paper mache unicorn I did for my daughter.My last share for the week was this bottle I did. I still dont know where I will display it but I think it is nice for accent lighting. When I decide where its home will be I will share it with you.Well I hope you enjoy this issue of coffee time and I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting.

More decorative elements.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I will make this short and sweet(maybe). Thanks to all my subscribers, old and new for being here. With your continue support, I will continue to blog.

So as you know I’m redecorating my bedroom/craft area. There are a few more details I’m working on and that will be shared here soon. Now I’m just preparing little small decor items,because once I do the big projects the room will be finished. So today project is when I purchase the item from Dollar Tree I didn’t have any idea where I want to put it but I knew what I wanted to use it for.I is a bottle that can used for oils, vinegar etc. A while back I purchase some bottle lights and I figure this would be the perfect bottle for it. I also decided to use chalk paint and give it a distressed look.So to prepare the bottle for the chalk paint, (which is pool blue)I had to wipe the bottle down with alcohol. This is to remove any oils from the bottle.The next steps was to put two coats of the chalk paint on the bottle. The instructions said wait 2 hours in between coats,but I let it sit overnight.

After the paint dried, I use 80 grit sand paper to distress the bottle. I didn’t want to distress it too much,because I just want to use it for accent lighting not functional lighting.After the sanding was done,I put a little chalk wax to seal in the paint.And here what the finished item look like. I still haven’t decided where I want to put it,but I think it will look good anywhere. Well I hope you enjoyed today blog. I will leave this blog like I do always.

Keep Crafting.

Todays blog brought to you by the letter P for Puff

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Like always, I want to thank my subscribers old and new for being here and I hope you stick around to see what I’m up to.So today blog I want to start out with a short story.This short story is about Puff. His full name is Koco Puff.Puff as he is called originally belong to my mother, but since than became the best friend of my daughter. She and her best friend sleep in the same bed and they share her food. He’s always by her side and when she isn’t home he sleeps on her side of the bed.He always talking to her and when she don’t want to hear it, she tells him he talks to much in which he hits her(lol). So what do Puff have to do with today craft you are asking? Well one thing that my daughter always say about Puff is that he is so sweet and magical. He is such a mild mannered cat. So his nickname is Puff unicorn.

One day when my daughters and I was in Target, she went to the craft section and we found this paper mache unicorn.Before I continue, I have a side note. Since puff is so special to my daughter when she came here to visit, my other daughter brought her a piñata that favors PuffSo I hung it on the door on her side of the bed so she sees it when she wakes up. So now back to the story.I purchase this unicorn and decide to make it puff unicorn. The first step I did was to put silver glitter on his horn.I painted him black first with children washable paint which didn’t take to well and I ended up using black acrylic paint.Hey ignore the snack in the first picture, a girl get hungry when crafting lol. So I added another coat of black paint. After the paint dry I added white glitter to areas of his body to give it that magical feel. Here is what it looks like finished.For some reason the photo looks like its real glittery, but its just have a light dusting of glitter.

So here is Puff unicorn, he’s so magical. I hope you enjoyed this blog . Come back tomorrow and see what I’m up to, until than,

Keep Crafting

Bathroom reorganization redo

Hi and welcome back to my blog. To my seasoned subscriber, thank you for staying with me. To my new subscribers thank you so much for being here, I hope I dont disappoint you. So today blog is a redo of my bathroom. In a previous blog, I shared my bathroom and how I organized it. I notice that I didn’t stay the way I wanted it because i went about it all wrong. Another issue is with both daughters I didn’t take into consideration they had stuff too. So let look at the before pictureSo in the before pictures, I had boxes to hold and organize my items,but once more stuff was added there wasn’t enough space. Now the first after picturesI added more storage boxes to the cabinet and put stuff like q-tips and bath salts in jars. Even thru it was some what neater than before it just wasn’t good enough. So here what it looks like nowI exchange some of the open boxes for shoe boxes.I put labels on them and stack them up to have a neater appearance. I have stuff i will be using less frequently on the bottom,and items I use regular on the top. In the two open boxes I just keep the dog cleaning items and the other one is hair products. I think this time its so much better than before, and with the items label, everything can be easily located.

So that my updated bathroom cabinet. For tomorrow blog, I’m back to crafting, so stayed tuned. I will leave this blog like always,

Keep crafting.

Creating planner stamp

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thank you if you are a returning subscriber and welcome if you are a new reader. Before I start I would please ask one thing of you. If you are reading this from one of my social media accounts come over to the actual blog ask you to do this because I cannot accurately get my numbers other wise. Thank You for your support in advance.

So now to the blog. On a weekly basis I sit down with my planners and planner for the week. A week prior to the upcoming week I do a little decoration.Not a whole lot of decoration,but some stickers,washi tape as well as functional stamps. Some stamps I purchase from different craft stores,some I design myself. Today I want to share with you one stamp I made for my planner. About one to two years ago I purchase a Silhouette Mint Machine.This machine is used to make your own stamps.To use this machine you have to purchase special stamp sheets as well as ink. The way the system is set up, is after the stamp in printed,you put it on a stamp block, add the special ink and you are ready to go.The ink which isn’t shown, comes in all colors. So I first sit down with pen and paper and figure out what size I want to make my stamp. The sheets come in sizes from15X15 mm all the way to 45X45 mm. Once I decide what I want to put on the stamp and how I was going to use the stamp in my planner, I took to the app and started working on the stamp.After I started to design and put the stamp together,I sent the design to the machine to be “burned”into the print sheet.

This is what the stamp looks like when it comes out of the machine.Once the stamp is finish, you remove it from the holder and place it on the stamp block. When you place it on the stamp block, you ink up the stamp and let it sit for 10 minutes. This gives the stamp time to soak up the ink.One the ink has soaked into the stamp. This is your end result.And this is what the finished stamp looks like on paper. The good thing about the mint machine is you can make any kind of stamps your mind can imagine. Not only functional,but decorative,not only for planners but for cards and any scrapbooking project.I Hope you enjoyed this blog and I hope you return to see what I’m doing next time. I will leave you with this thought,

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You tube update

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to thank all my subscribers for returning, as well as thank all my new readers.i just wanted to give you an update on my you tube video quest. Yesterday I recorded my first “test” video.I wanted to sit while no one was home and just see how it felt to sit in front of the camera. After I came home from work, I showed my daughter the video to let me know how it look. I received a good response from her but there was some tips she gave me about where I should record at to get the best coverage(In my video I didn’t realize I recorded from my chin up,because I was too close to the camera. She recommended an area I should use and told me that i should use my back wall as a background, since its light and give me good lighting. So Now I did my test video, I will plan my video script. Another thing I realized is that when you get in front of the camera you kinda get tongue tied and my mouth say one thing while you brain has something different in mind. So until I get use to being on camera, I will have an outline .So that all I have to share today and I will leave you like always,

Keep Crafting